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Joyce Wilkins started teaching food safety in San Diego in 1986. Educated as a dietitian with her undergraduate degree from Cornell University, a dietetic internship from Indiana University Medical Center and a master’s degree from Florida International University, she was well equipped to integrate health aspects with food safety, making it very ‘relevant’ to her students. Safe at the Plate expanded from San Diego to the State of California, the United States and internationally.


Safe at the Plate®  is a  company that has grown for over 35 years by delivering a quality product with a passion for customer service. Based in Southern California and staffed with industry experts, we know how to equip you with a food safety program that works, stands up to customer demands and fits your company.


Safe At The Plate®  also develops HACCP programs and provides third party audits in a unique manner that brings added benefit to the customer. Our service is tailored to the specific needs of an operation – thorough, yet without unnecessary and burdensome details.


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