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Food Handler Training and Alcohol Seller/Server Training certification


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Safe-At-The-Plate® Textbook


Cost: $39.00 plus s&h and sales tax for CA residents 

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Description: The Safe-at-the-Plate® textbook is a 153 page, easy to read explanation of food safety principles. Written in a conversational style with many illustrations, the text covers all the basics including microbiology, personal hygiene, the flow of food with HACCP explanations, sanitation, pest control and Health Regulations. In addition, a chapter on "How to Teach Others" proves especially helpful. The combination of information applied to the food establishment as well as the home setting makes this text appealing to every reader. Most importantly, this text is so user friendly that the student is more likely to READ it than any other text available on this subject. The text is available in English.

Safe-At-The-Plate® Basic Food Safety Guide for Employees


Cost: $60.00 for a package of 10 plus s&h and sales tax for CA residents or $6.50 each.


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Description: The perfect employee guide, 26 pages: requires no instruction or supervision. This self-learning program walks the employee through the basics of food safety with interesting activities and quizzes. It provides not only supportive instruction, but documentation of learning as well. English only. 

Safe-at-the-Plate® Food Safety Manager Internet Training


Cost: $93.00 (test not included) Does not include National Exam.Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

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Description: A nationally recognized training program is available for an on-line independent study for the individual with computer and Internet access. Easy to use and extremely effective, it ideally assures personal success during the learning process. This available in English and Spanish.


Also available Food Handler, Alcohol training, Allergen, and Basset

All states available


Safe-at-the-Plate® Corporate Seminars

About the seminars...


Safe-at-the-Plate® offers a fast paced, interactive, eight hour seminar complete with all the learning experiences needed to safeguard the food you provide, and pass the national exam given at the end of the day. This program has proven successful with thousands of people in multiple settings since 1986.


Where the seminars are located...


Safe-at-the-Plate® travels nationwide to provide food safety seminars to corporate clients. Please contact us for more details.


How much the seminars cost...


The seminar fee of $109.00 (most locations) includes the nationally recognized test required by your state, class handouts, and worksheets. A minimum of 15 students is required. Travel expenses may be additional. Please contact us for details.


The 153-page, optional, but strongly recommended textbook is available for $29.00, plus tax, s/h. This text may be obtained for review prior to the seminar day to improve comprehension and test scores. Test scores markedly improve when the text is reviewed prior to class. Discounts on quantities of 25 books are available. Please contact us.






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