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International Food Safety Training - Safe at the Plate® has developed a very exciting international presence. Our seminar has been translated into a variety of languages and has been utilized by companies in such locations as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Singapore, and Lebanon to just name a few. Learn more about our International Food Safety Training.


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International Food Safety

The photos are from a class held in Saudi Arabia, last year by CKE Hardees (parent company, CKE Restaurants). In addition, Joyce has presented a variety of Webinars to an international audience on topics concerning food safety, HACCP and building a defensible food safety system.

Safe-at-the-Plate® Corporate Seminars

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Safe-at-the-Plate® offers a fast paced, interactive, eight hour seminar complete with all the learning experiences needed to safeguard the food you provide, and pass the national exam given at the end of the day. This program has proven successful with thousands of people in multiple settings since 1986.




How much the seminars cost...


The seminar fee of $119.00 (most locations) includes the nationally recognized test required by your state, class handouts, and worksheets. A minimum of 15 students is required. Travel expenses may be additional. Please contact us for details.


The 153-page, optional, but strongly recommended textbook is available for $39.00, plus tax, s/h. This text may be obtained for review prior to the seminar day to improve comprehension and test scores. Test scores markedly improve when the text is reviewed prior to class. Discounts on quantities of 25 books are available. Please contact us.


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